Info for STAR Program Applicants

Completed applications are reviewed by a panel which will check for completeness, eligibility, and K-12 Teaching interest. Applicants will be notified by email if their applications have been advanced to lab site partners or if they will not be advanced periodically. All notifications will be sent by February 15. If your availability changes please notify us by email at

Lab contacts and interviews

Once you have received notice that you've passed the first review stage our lab site partners may contact you directly, though sometimes STAR may contact you on their behalf. Please ensure that your voicemail is turned on and that the message contains your name or number and is clear and professionally appropriate.

Research projects often develop as result of recent work, so it is not unusual for a lab you did not highlight on your application to contact you. They will contact you because they saw something in your application that makes them think that you may be a good fit in their research team. It may be the Research Mentor contacting you directly, or the Lab Site Coordinator. This is an opportunity for the lab to get to know you, and you to know them. Whether the contact is a brief email or a teleconference, this is a good time to ask questions about the research project (asking for a relevant review publication is a good idea), clarify the project dates (if different), and if you need to make any special preparations for the summer. You may be contacted by more than one lab! When a lab wishes to offer you a placement, they will do so through STAR.

Placement offer

If a lab site wishes to offer you a Fellowship at their site they must do so through STAR (which provides the funding). The Lab Site Coordinator will send the offer details to STAR and then STAR will send you a placement offer email. If more than one lab wishes to make you an offer, STAR will present both to you. You may choose to accept or decline any offer based on the details of the placement. You must make this decision within two weeks, but we ask that you do so as soon as possible so that, if declined, we can make the offer to another candidate.

Accepting a placement offer

If you receive a placement offer from STAR it is important to provide a response quickly. If you have any questions about the offer you can contact STAR. If you wish to accept the offer there are several steps to completing the placement. In the offer message that STAR sends you will receive a link to a survey where you must Download, Print, Carefully read, Sign if you accept the agreement, Scan, and Upload several forms. It is a good idea to notify STAR ( that you intend to accept the offer and then process these forms right away. The forms are also available below so you can prepare them and upload them using the link you received with your offer. Be certain that you have read and understood all of your responsibilities in the Participant Agreement before you decide to accept any offer.

  • Participant Agreement - (READ CAREFULLY) this is our contract, and clearly outlines the program requirements
  • ACH Enrollment Form - allows us to electronically deposit stipends into your bank account
  • Media Release - allows us to record events and use your pictures in presentations and advertisements

Once those are all done, Congratulations! You are now a placed STAR Fellow and more information is available here to support you throughout the summer.

Declining a placement offer

If you receive a placement offer from STAR it is important to provide a response relatively quickly. If you have any questions about the offer you can contact STAR. If you wish to decline the offer, simply let STAR know via email from the same address you used on your application. You will remain in the candidate pool for other lab sites to consider, until all funded placements are filled, which is typically by April 15th in any given year. STAR cannot guarantee placement at any lab site partner until an offer is made and accepted with all paperwork completed. If you have not been placed by the time all funded Fellowships are filled, STAR will send you a notice.

Travel to Lab Site and Housing

Each Fellow is responsible for arranging their own travel to their placement site at the start of the program and their return from their lab site at the conclusion of the summer program. Noyce scholars may be eligible for other financial assistance to participate in STAR, please contact your Noyce coordinator for details. There may also be other programs on your campus to assist with travel to participate in this research experience, consider contacting your dean's office, department chair, or advisor for suggestions.

Although many sites offer affordable housing options to STAR Fellows, accommodation arrangements are ultimately the responsibility of each Fellow. STAR will try to provide as much supporting information for housing at your lab site as possible once all placements are made, but you don't have to wait for us. As soon as you have been placed and you have accepted your summer Fellowship by submitting our paperwork, you can correspond with your lab site coordinator and seek accommodations at your site. Although not required, we encourage STAR Fellows placed at the same site to share accommodations and costs.