The STEM Teacher and Researcher Program aims to improve the recruitment, preparaion and rentention of K-12 math and science teachers by faciliating their development as teacher-researchers. Since its inception in 2007, STAR has sponsored 640 research placements for 471 aspiring and early career teachers at cooperating national laboratory facilities, university and non-profit research facilities throughout the nation. 


National Presence:

Partnering with the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program and regional funders, STAR is a national program with participation from over hal of all US states.



By the Numbers:







From our Alumni:

"I am excited to come back to STAR for my third summer, because quite simply it is an amazing program. I have enriched my teaching numerous ways since my summers have been filled with doing research, scouring data, listening to lectures, and networking with scientists. I have felt more confident as an educator, because I now identify as a scientist and researcher. I have been able to make invaluable connections and relationships with my mentors - that I have since utilized in my class. From skyping in for a lesson supplement, to suggesting advice on equipment purchase these folks have been such a great support system. I hope to use my last summer to continue to develop these relationships; I feel each project and research experience is just another opportunity to enrich my students."

-2017 STAR Fellow




"The STAR Conference was the perfect culmination of the work and connections I made this summer. I am sincerely grateful for the STAR family that I am a part of now. STAR lets me continue to be a researcher while implementing it in my classroom as a teacher."

-Gianne Souza, 2017 STAR Fellow



"My connections to JPL are priceless. My students LOVED talking with a NASA scientist via Facetime. It's something many of them will always remember. Thanks for making it possible!"
- 2016 STAR fellow at NASA JPL