Lab Site Coordinators

Lab Site Coordinators:

Who they are:

We encourage our coordinators to share their strategies for success with their counterparts at other organizations. The Star Program Director will be happy to connect individuals or set up a teleconference upon request. STAR Fellows and Workshop Leaders will receive contact details for the Coordinator at their particular site.


Lab Site Coordinators (listed above) are the primary point of contact between a partner lab site, the STAR Program, Program Staff, and STAR Fellows at a particular location and perform several key services. Also known as Education and Public Outreach (EPO) Staff, they:

  1. Identify Research Mentors able and willing to support STAR Fellows during the summer and provide project descriptions for STAR Applicants.
  2. Coordinate STAR Fellow interviews with Research Mentors and coordinate summer placement between Fellow, Research Mentor, and Program staff.
  3. Provide Fellows with lab space, supplies, equipment, access credentials, and safety training needed to participate in the research.
  4. Educate Research Mentors about STAR Program goals, expectations, and deadlines.
  5. Coordinate site activities and evaluations with Workshop Leaders
  6. Coordinate STAR Fellow orientations, presentations, and seminars on site.
  7. Whenever possible, participate in STAR Program conferences and events.