NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC)

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The NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, located in La Jolla, California is home to three of the five research divisions of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) including:  Antarctic Ecosystems ResearchFisheries Resources, and Marine Mammal and Turtle Research. Two other divisions, Environmental Research and Fisheries Ecology are located near Monterey, CA. Research activities also take place at remote field sites. Placement opportunities depend upon the research projects underway.

Research Opportunities for STAR participants

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NOAA SWFSC will be offering several STAR Fellowships. Projects may include remote field work which can be physically demanding, or lab-based marine engineering and data analysis projects. There also may be some opportunities work on public outreach projects. All NOAA SWFSC projects require attention to detail and appreciation for the processes involved in data collection and analysis. Fellows interested in working with NOAA SWFSC researchers are expected to provide evidence of their personal and professional maturity, motivation, and ability to work independently in their application materials.

STAR Fellows placed in La Jolla typically locate their own accommodation as the site is near the UCSD campus with good public transportation access. Fellows participating in remote locations (past locations include field stations in the Virgin Islands) will need to be flexible with regards to their housing arrangements. If you are interested in a Fellowship with NOAA SWFSC, watch this space as we will provide updated project details as they become available. Research mentors will interview interested applicants via Skype (if necessary) or in person (preferred).

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