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The Seidler group, located within the Physics Department at the University of Washington, has two main research focuses. The first is to investigate the physics of environmentally and industrially relevant materials, with a strong emphasis on advanced x-ray techniques. This work includes developing and applying new instruments and techniques for advanced x-ray spectroscopy in the laboratory setting and a wide range of major facilities. The second focus is to create and study high-energy density plasma systems, using illumination with x-ray free electron lasers. These experiments allow access to experimental systems having electronic temperatures of millions of Kelvin but ion cores that still rest on a periodic lattice. Such systems are a rich testing ground for theoretical treatments of partially ionized plasmas, such is important for several astrophysical problems and also the early stages of inertial confinement fusions. Learn more...

Summer Research Opportunities

The Seidler group is lead by Dr. Jerry Seidler, and promotes a welcoming and supportive environment for all members. Learn more about their research opportunities and diversity statement here

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Visit the Seidler Lab's webpage for more information, including a list of publications and links to other resources.