UW Molecular Engineering and Materials Center

The Molecular Engineering and Materials Center (UW MEM-C) at the University of Washington in Seattle coordinates research efforts to address major cross-disciplinary challenges in materials researcher. Based in nanoscience, the center designs develops and deploys new complex nanomaterials to accelerate future technologies in energy, information processing, sensing, and research tools. Learn more....

What are the research interests of UW MEM-C?

UW MEM-C has two interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs). IRG-1: Defects in Nanostructures, is engineering physical properties into inorganic nanostructures in unprecedented ways. IRG-2: Layered Quantum Materials, is creating and studying new forms of quantum matter in atomically layered materials. Learn more...

Summer Research Opportunities

UW MEM-C is a new partner in 2019 is the bustling Seattle area. Fellows may wish to find temporary accommodations in the city center or take advantage of summer housing at the University of Washington.

Where is UW MEM-C?

More info about UW MEM-C: