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Martin’s teaching experience began early, teaching Environmental Awareness education in the Youth Conservation Corps in the San Francisco Bay Area when still a teenager. Since then he has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences and a Master’s degree in Education, and has been a high school science teacher for 27 years in the Los Angeles area.  He works with teams of teacher leaders as an Assessment Support Coach and is the Educational Technology lead for Pioneer High School in Whittier, CA.  

As a teacher/researcher, he began with vertical teams of science teachers in the Long Beach Area, reviewing articles in the Journal of Chemical Education.  He also worked for several summers with the Geoscience Diversity in Education Research Program at Cal State Long Beach during the summers studying Ground Penetrating Radar’s use in Archeology in the Santa Monica Mountains, Historical Image Processing in Malibu Canyon and Faulting Studies in the San Gabriel Mountains.  

Martin is very excited about mentoring with young math and science teachers; believing firmly that every teacher benefits from research experiences and giving similar experiences to their students.  Martin has been a long-time STAR Workshop Leader and is normally leading students in workshops at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.  

Outside of teaching, Martin enjoys music, tennis and bike riding.  He has his family live in the Pasadena area.