Placed Fellows


This page will be updated with important information throughout the spring and summer. You may wish to use an app to alert you of any changes via email, popups, or SMS messages. There are several available, but you may wish to try the Distill extension if you mainly use FireFox or the Page Monitor extension if you mainly use Chrome.

Orientation Webinar

Three orientation webinars will be held in mid-May to help provide context for your summer, and to answer any questions you may have regarding relocation, stipends, first day procedures, what to expect, etc. Of course, if you have questions prior to that point, you can reach out to the STAR staff at


There are several key deadlines you must meet for the Program to run smoothly. The Program deadlines are always available on the Program page. Your Workshop Leaders and Research Mentors will also have several deadlines specific to you at your site, so make sure you ask questions, keep your schedule current, and plan your time wisely. The nine-week program is very busy and goes by incredibly quickly. It is important that you demonstrate your professionalism by keeping track of deadlines and meeting them. If it looks like you might have trouble meeting a deadline, make contact with others involved before the deadline arrives.

Roles and Responsibilities

Together STAR and your Lab Site have put together a large team of people to help you get the most out of your Fellowship and help you transfer the skills and perspectives you gain in research into your classroom. 

  • STAR Staff are available to help you with any Program matters you don't understand. Our phone number is 805-756-2412 for urgent matters, but we also respond to email as soon as possible.
  • Workshop Leaders conduct weekly education workshops and help support Fellows with their program deliverables, they are also good first points of contact to seek support for any difficulties arising during the program.
  • Lab Site Coordinators coordinate on-site activities between Research Mentors, other site staff, Workshop Leaders, Fellows, and STAR Staff. They are a good first point of contact to seek support for any site-specific difficulties or questions which arise during the program.
  • Research Mentors direct and support the research activities of STAR Fellows. They are responsible for helping you develop professional practices, guiding your research efforts, and advising you on your research presentation. 
  • STAR Alumni - There are hundreds of people who have faced many of the same challenges you do in the lab and in the classroom. STAR Alumni form a network of peers you can draw upon to succeed in the classroom and in the lab throughout your career as a teacher-researcher. Do communicate with Alumni through our list-serv. Your email address will be added to this list-serv at the start of the Program. You can also get involved with social media on Facebook, Twiter and Instagram.
  • STAR Fellows - This means you! The opportunities that participation in STAR brings are due, in large part, to the hundreds of alumni who are good ambassadors of the program who always treat their peers and mentors with professionalism and respect. Your specific Participant Agreement outlines your responsibilities in detail, but as an overview you have agreed to: 
    • Participate in the entire 9-week Fellowship, contributing 40 hours of work per week during this period combining your lab and workshop sessions;
    • Participate in the STAR Fusion Event at your lab site (orientation event happening sometime during the first two weeks of the program)
    • Participate in the STAR Research Conference (see dates on Program tab);
    • Participate in weekly half-day education workshops at your assigned site as part of your work week;
    • Participate in teacher-researcher community-building activities online and in person;
    • Prepare and present a research product (poster or oral presentation as directed). You must present this work personally at the Research Conference and upload it to the Cal Poly Digital Commons, but you may also make the same presentation at your lab site if requested;
    • Develop and submit an educational product (Lesson Plan or Classroom Coding Plan) for an activity based on your particular research project;
    • Complete Program evaluations and surveys before, during, and after the program as directed.


Although many sites offer affordable housing options to STAR Fellows, accommodation arrangements are ultimately the responsibility of each Fellow. You are responsible for making housing arrangements, signing any contracts, and paying any deposits, rent, and utilities. Payments are your responsibility except where other arrangements have been made by your Lab Site Coordinator. Some Fellows may be eligible for additional housing and/or travel support through their campus or other scholarship programs like Noyce, please inquire at your Dean's office or Noyce Grant PI.

STAR will try to provide as much supporting information for housing at your lab site as possible once placements are made (usually by late-April), but you don't have to wait for us! As soon as you have been placed and you have accepted your summer Fellowship by submitting our paperwork, you can correspond with your lab site coordinator and seek accommodations at your site. Although not required, we encourage STAR Fellows placed at the same site to share accommodations and costs.

Travel to Lab Sites

Each Fellow is responsible for arranging their own travel to their placement site at the start of the Program and their return from their lab site at the conclusion of the Program. Noyce scholars may be eligible for other financial assistance to participate in STAR, please contact your Noyce coordinator (PI) for details. There may also be other programs on your campus to assist with travel to participate in this research experience, consider contacting your dean's office, department chair, or advisor for suggestions. 

STAR Research Conference

All fellows are required to attend the STAR Research Conference, and travel arrangements for those who will require air travel will be made by the STAR Program staff in advance of the conference. Accommodations for the Research Conference venues will also be provided by STAR. Depending upon travel arrangements you may be scheduled for one or two night's accommodations. In most cases, automobile travel will be using rental cars. In rare cases, STAR may approve travel in your own vehicle. In such instances, reimbursement will be provided on a per-mile-traveled basis at the state-specified rate (typically around $0.54 per mile). If travel in your vehicle is approved by STAR in advance, please fill out this Travel form (PDF versionExcel Version) and submit to when requested. Only accommodation for the closing conference (not travel) will be provided for Fellows living in the Bay Area. We will contact you with you further details during the summer. All other meals and travel costs (including airport parking and baggage) are the responsibility of the Fellow unless special arrangements are made in advance. 

Dress Standards

Each lab site partner will have its own requirements and social norms for dress code. Be observant during your first week, but don't hesitate to ask someone at the site. Be sure to pay attention to practical/safety requirements like wearing closed-toe shoes, lab coats, or no dangling hair, fabric, or jewelry if you're working around machinery. STAR conferences are professional events where business-casual dress is appropriate.

Just for Fun Photos

Many STAR Fellow projects produce some gorgeous graphs and delicious videos and every project involves a lot of great people. We'd like to share a bit of your STAR summer at the Research Conference. To do that we invite everyone involved in STAR to share photos and/or videos of their summer experience via upload directly to STAR, Facebook (Star Cesame), or by emailing them to We'll share a selection (as many as we can, really) in the Research Conference program and presentations. This is completely voluntary. Don't wait until the end, upload whenever you get something fun!