Workshop Leaders

Workshop Leaders are the primary link between each Fellow's research experience and classroom practices. Fellows will meet weekly with the rest of their Lab Site cohort in seminars or activities led by the Workshop Leaders and will get to know them well. Workshop Leaders work cooperatively in helping each Fellow get the most out of their summer experience including providing constructive feedback on the two deliverables expected from each Fellow, a research product (poster or oral presentation) and an appropriately designed NGSS/Common Core lesson plan. Workshop Leaders also coordinate their activities with the Lab Site Coordinator. Key services provided by the Workshop Leaders to Fellows and Lab Sites are:

  1. Co-plan and facilitate weekly science, engineering, and math education seminars which support stated Program goals in coordination with Lab Site Education and Public Outreach (EPO) staff.

  2. Actively communicate with Fellows in their cohort as individuals. It is expected that workshop leaders make themselves available, within reason, for individual communication with Fellows via emails, meetings, or phone calls to identify and support Fellows facing challenges with their professional development, research group, and personal well being. It is expected that Workshop Leaders will communicate with Program staff where they require professional advice, intervention, or other support.

  3. Ensure that each Fellow in their cohort is visited at their lab site at least once by a Workshop Leader early in the Program (within one month). The Program may decide that visiting some remote lab sites is not feasible, in which case a personal teleconference is a suitable alternative.

  4. Discuss research challenges and successes, the nature of STEM research, and career interests with Fellows during the lab site visits in addition to other topics, which support the professional development of Fellows.

  5. Provide constructive feedback to Fellows on their research presentations and lesson plans.

  6. Complete program evaluation surveys (individually required of each Workshop Leader) and support lab site evaluation efforts in coordination with site EPO staff.

  7. Provide a link between summer research experience and classroom practices, teacher education, and the credentialing process or other pathways to K-12 teaching.

  8. Help Fellows understand what it means to be a teacher; provide advice and guidance on career development and inquiry-based classroom learning practices in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.


We encourage our workshop leaders to share their strategies for success with their counterparts at other sites. Workshop leaders will receive contact details for the people in their cohort (Lab Site Coordinators and Fellows). Click here for more resources specific to Workshop Leaders.